Thank you, LLILAS-Benson @ Austin TX

By Laura Matthew, Marquette University

My presentation of NECA as part of the Digital Scholarship in the Americas series of the Teresa Lozano Long Institute for Latin American Studies and the Benson Latin American Collection at UT-Austin was an unofficial “launch.” Thanks to everyone for coming and sharing your thoughts and expertise, and especially to LLILAS director Virginia Garrard, program director Paloma Díaz, Latin American Digital Scholarship librarian Albert Palacios, and Susan Kung and Ryan Sullivant of the Archive of Indigenous Languages of Latin America.

I left inspired on many fronts — and clearly we need a Twitter account. Until then,

LLILAS and the Latin American Studies Association have gotten us started —


2 thoughts on “Thank you, LLILAS-Benson @ Austin TX

  1. Good job!! i´m really interesting about this project. I live in El Salvador in an indigenous NGO, actually we are recovery our ancestor language: nahuat pipil, we are interesting to work and to join this project, we have a lot of articles about nahuat pipil and we teach the language in some places and universities.


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